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Dear Future Physician,

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to a newly formed medical group, Physician Leadership on National Drug Policy (PLNDP). This leadership group, comprised of 37 nationally renowned physicians, is examining the problem of substance abuse and the policies our government employs to address this issue. These physicians are using their skills as scientists and policy makers to promote a shift in national illicit drug policy toward treatment and prevention. They hope to reduce the overwhelming emphasis on criminal justice. The group has existed for nearly two years and has received considerable positive media coverage, political attention, and support.

The PLNDP is now inviting medical students interested in the same goals to join its efforts. Nearly 6,000 practicing physicians have already become PLNDP Physician associates. As a PLNDP Medical Student Associate, you are simply indicating that you want to be kept periodically informed of the group's activities and that you agree with the PLNDP consensus statement.

Whether you decide to become an Associate or not, we are very interested in your opinion of our initiative. Note: this is not a solicitation for financial support. Please take a moment to review the July, 1997 Consensus Statement and the groups research findings.

The hope is that medical students will use this opportunity to become active in their own medical schools. You are in a unique position to truly initiative and affect changes in medical education and health policy. Increased education of students and health care professionals in the field of substance abuse is one of the most fundamental goals of the PLNDP. To achieve this goal, PLNDP Medical Student Associates will be able to network with both students and phyisicans from across the country.

A PLNDP Medical Student Associate:

  • Agrees with the Consensus Statement of the Physician Leadership on National Drug Policy
  • Is interested in receiving periodic information and material about the progress and activities of the PLNDP

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